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Enter the Zohar: A Journey of Inner Transformation

Enter the Zohar Rise
Ever since the Zohar came to light in the 15th century, humanity has related to it like an ancient person seeing some future technology: bewildered, he might misappropriate a microwave to sit on, or mistake a car for shelter – leaving its true power untapped. But the true meaning of the Zohar, perhaps the highest text ever written, is about to be revealed to you.In this course you’ll learn why the Zohar was written, and for whom. You will learn how to read the Zohar the way Kabbalists taught it. You will be given a special lens, through which, instead of strange tales that seem unrelated to our lives, you will be able to see just the opposite: the story of the inner development of the one who’s reading, an inner transformation, the opening of a spiritual world. You will learn how to access the deepest forces of nature—forces that can lift you, expand your vessels of perception, and connect you to a picture of reality that only Kabbalists have heretofore attained.

Kabbalah Revealed Part 1

Kabbalah Revealed Part 2

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Sunday Meeting with Friends with Zohar

Sunday Meeting with Friends with Gil & Mutlu

Sunday Meeting with friends

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Having taught over 180,000 students worldwide, KabU is the number one authority for authentic Kabbalah, combining intellectual study with an emotionally transformative experience.

KabU was founded by Bnei Baruch (Kabbalah.info), a global educational organization dedicated to the mission of its founder Kabbalist and global thinker Dr. Michael Laitman to bring balance and fulfillment to the world.

All KabU instructors are advanced students of Dr. Laitman with years of experience developing study programs, writing books and articles and teaching Kabbalah.