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Question Your Reality is a course for people who are seeking meaningful and practical answers about the meaning of their lives, the purpose of creation and their relationship with the laws of nature.

In this course, you’ll see how modern science and the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah become fused into a precise spiritual science that lets you discover your deeper “you,” why events in your life happen the way they do, and what you can do in order to achieve happiness.

In addition, you’ll learn how your soul can find its destiny by developing a new perception of reality, and what such a perception entails.

Finally, by taking the lessons in this course, which is structured as a series of questions and answers, you will find how Kabbalah innovatively answers questions about spirituality, the meaning of life and our relationship with our environment.

At the end of each lesson you will find related materials, such as recommended reading materials from the course book – Kabbalah Revealed, New Life shows—a series of talks with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman that aims to create a foundation upon which every person, organization, society and nation can advance in better understanding our reality and how to achieve a harmonious life—and also selected posts from Dr. Laitman’s personal blog, and other materials that will enrich your experience.